Why we don’t like kids’ lunch boxes, and how to get around them

The NFL is looking for ways to keep kids from getting their lunches, and it’s trying to do it by introducing a new toy for the kids’ box in 2017.

According to NFL.com, the league will unveil the new Lunchbox for the 2017 season, which is a new type of toy for kids who don’t eat on a regular basis.

The new toy, dubbed the Kids Lunchbox, is similar to the ones that are used by NFL teams to provide nutrition to their players, but it features a different design and is designed to be a good choice for children, especially younger ones.

“There’s a whole new generation of kids that want to get a little bit more exercise and they don’t necessarily want to eat on the go, so we thought this is a great way to keep them busy and entertained,” said NFL executive vice president of marketing for snack, snack food and beverages, Scott DeCristofaro, in a release.

“This new product will be a great opportunity for parents and players to take their kids out to lunch.”

The new product is a small, round cardboard box that comes with a plastic insert that contains a snack, a cup of water and a snack bag.

It is a little more expensive than the existing Kids Lunchboxes, but the NFL is trying to get the new product to be affordable to kids.

“Kids Lunchboxes are popular because they’re affordable for families who want to keep their kids active and engaged,” DeCriso said in the release.

“We’re looking to expand the range of Kids Lunch boxes with a larger range of options that offer additional nutrition, plus a healthier way to eat.”

The Kids Lunch Box is a good option for the average family, but DeCreso said it is more expensive for families with kids ages 2-5.

The NFL is also looking to get kids interested in playing sports, and the new toy is designed with that in mind.

“It is an exciting time for the NFL,” said DeCrimo in the announcement.

“We have seen the excitement from fans and fans are taking their kids to games, and now we want to make sure that their kids are entertained as well.”

In a statement, the NFL said it was “working closely with our league partners to bring the new Kids LunchBox to life in a way that is appealing to kids, families and the public alike.”

It is not known whether the Kids’ Lunchbox will be available for purchase in stores in 2017 or whether the NFL will be rolling out the new device in other areas.

The league is also considering expanding its new product line into other products that can be purchased in stores, which could include the new Football Cheer Pack, a product that will be offered in grocery stores and pharmacies.