What is the Ringbox Box? (Watch video)

A video by Vice News shows what it’s like to put a ring on your smartphone, then watch a movie with your phone’s camera.

The video, which is part of a series about how people are changing the world with technology, features Ringbox, a ring that connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

Ringbox is a popular smartwatch that works with Android and iOS, and it’s the only smartwatch with an Android app that lets you watch movies and play games with your smartphone.

“Ringbox” is part an ongoing series on what it means to change the world using technology, which will feature the likes of the Google Glass smartwatch and the Oculus Rift headset.

“People are talking about how smartphones are going to be everywhere in the next 10 years, but what if the future of phones was ring boxes?” the video begins.

“When people look at the world and think about the things they want to buy, what they want in life, what kind of clothes they want, where they want their kids to go to school, they’re going to start to see ring boxes as a thing they can use.”

The video then shows how Ringbox works, with the device sitting on the user’s wrist.

A ring appears and it connects to the ring box, and the device then shows a series of pictures on the screen.

“The Ringbox will have this ring, but it’s not really an actual ring.

This is the ring, and when you hold it, the ring changes, so the pictures change, and then the ring turns into a box, which changes the pictures, and this is what Ringbox does,” it says.”

So, this is the same way that you watch a television program on your phone, it’s just the TV and the ring.

So, what you’re watching now is actually happening on your ring.

That’s how Ringboxes works.”

The Ring Box, which costs $299, is the latest piece of technology from Google to show off how it can connect to smartphones.

The company recently unveiled its “Wired TV,” which lets you stream video directly from your television to your phone.

It’s also showing off a new version of Google’s Chromecast device, which lets people watch TV, movies, and music on their smartphones.

The latest version of Chromecast, which launched earlier this year, lets people stream content from Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, YouTube, YouTube TV, and more.

It also has an app that allows people to access the content from their phone.

Google has been working on its own wearable technology for years, and its Chromecast devices were the first wearable devices to arrive on smartphones.

But Google has never launched a fully-featured wearable product that works across all of its devices, and that has made it a difficult project to release to the market.

The first Ringbox was unveiled back in June, but there was no Ringbox 2.0 until today.

The device itself has a 1.3-inch OLED display, which has a resolution of 1280×720.

It’s powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor and has 8GB of RAM.

It has a 3,200mAh battery.

The RingBox is designed to work with phones from any major smartphone vendor, including Samsung, LG, Apple, and Huawei.

Google has said it’s working with the major smartphone vendors to get their hardware to work on the device, and a recent report said Google is working with Samsung on its Android Wear watches, but the company is yet to confirm any of that.

Google Glass is also coming to smartwatches, and many smartwatch companies are also working on wearable devices that work with Google Glass.

Apple has been rumored to be working on a smartwatch, but that project has not been officially announced.