‘We’re so happy’: ‘Twin Boxes’ opens in Dublin’s St Patrick’s square

A second store will open in Dublin on Wednesday after a “huge outpouring of support” from fans.

TwinBoxes, a Dublin bar and restaurant chain, will open at the intersection of Queen Street and Queen Street East, in the heart of Dublin’s fashionable St Patrick Street.

The store will sell TwinBoxes T-shirts and other TwinBox merchandise.

The Irish Times can reveal the company is hoping to draw in customers from across the country to celebrate the opening.

The company has been running the business in the city for more than 10 years, with about 300 staff members.

The opening of the store comes just weeks after it opened in Glasgow, Glasgow’s second biggest city.

Twinning boxesThe company says TwinBox will have a “small footprint” on Queen Street, with only a few employees, while it will offer TwinBox-style drinks and other food items.

TwinnerBox is also seeking to build a reputation for quality and service in a city where the standard of the industry is “quite low”, it said.

The TwinBox shop is a joint venture between the company and the Royal Irish Society.

It will be open from Wednesday until April 18.