How to decorate your Valentine’s Day box

A box full of Valentine’s cards and goodies will be a welcome sight in your home.

Here’s how you can make it a little bit more special.

1 / 19 Valentine’s box ideas Here are a few ideas you can try with your Valentine box.

1: Valentine’s card decorating boxes, or Valentine’s Valentine cards.

The idea is simple, but if you can, put cards on the back of each box, so they’re always out of the way.

The cards can be pretty creative too.

2: Valentine box gift wrapping.

This may seem a bit too girly, but a box filled with Valentine cards will make you feel special.

Just like a card, the cards are just as fun.

3: Valentine Valentine box art.

Whether you’re looking to decorates a box for a special occasion or to gift a friend, there’s nothing quite like a box full with lovely Valentine art.

4: Valentine Box gifts.

Valentine boxes are a great way to give a gift to a loved one, but you can also gift a loved-up loved-one, too.

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