How to make your own ‘bag of death’

Litter box and toy box killers are a booming niche in the toy industry.

The toys, which can be purchased as accessories, or packaged up in boxes, are the ultimate in the collection of toys and collectibles that are meant to scare the living daylights out of your child.

They can even be sold at your local toy store.

But what about if your child doesn’t want a toy box or toy box killer?

As a child, your child may not have the skills, the motivation or the desire to make them.

But with the advent of the internet, the availability of toys, and the increasing availability of disposable household items, it is increasingly difficult for parents to resist their child’s urge to pick up a box or a toy.

And this, in turn, has led to an increasing trend in parents and toy collectors to build their own bags of death.

This is the ultimate child abuse solution.

So what exactly is a bag of death?

It is a toy, toy box, or other disposable item which you or your child will use in order to torture, humiliate, or otherwise traumatise the child.

A toy box is a box which can contain anything from small toys to a toy knife, a toy gun, a set of keys, or anything else you would find in a toy store, toy shop or toy shop-type toy box.

You can find these items in many different toy stores, toy shops, and online stores.

They include, but are not limited to,: toys from the Sears, Kmart, Mattel, Toys R Us, and more