Which UFC fighter is your favourite?

There’s nothing like seeing your favourite fighters in action, especially when you’re not even there.

Here are some of the fighters who have been my favourite since they were in the UFC, or who have played a huge part in my life.1.

Dan HendersonDan Henderson is the greatest of them all.

He was my first UFC fighter and he’s been my biggest supporter ever since.

He’s been a great friend to me, he’s always been supportive and he has always been the best.2.

Randy CoutureThe first time I saw Randy Coutur was on my first trip to Australia in 2006.

He had the fight with Joe Lauzon, and I was going to New Zealand to train with the New Zealand Warriors but I got to the airport, and he was sitting on the ground.

It was a great moment, because I thought it would be one of my best fights of my career, but he was so injured, I just knew it would not happen.3.

Anderson SilvaIt’s a shame we haven’t had a lot of fights like this.

Anderson was a fighter who did not have a lot to lose, so it’s always nice to get him in the cage.

He fought the best, and when you see the number of fighters who got injured, it’s hard to pick one or two.4.

Conor McGregorI saw him fight for the first time, and it was the first fight I ever watched.

It’s hard not to feel like you’re watching your favourite fighter.

He made you feel like a fan.5.

Forrest GriffinThe first one I saw was against Johny Hendricks.

It is my favourite fight, and the fight I always remember the most.

The fact that he’s such a humble man and he does what he does because he wants to do it for the fans.6.

Rashad EvansHe was a tough fighter and was one of the toughest in the sport at the time.

I always say that, because he’s so humble and he wants the best for his fans.7.

Robbie LawlerWhen I first got to Brazil, I thought that he was the best lightweight fighter in the world, but it was because of that fight that I thought Robbie Lawlers skills were just phenomenal.

I’ve always said he’s the best in the division, and there’s no way he would ever have been the first man to beat Conor McGregor.8.

Michael BispingI saw Michael Bipp on the first date.

I was 17 and I didn’t know that he had a boyfriend at the same time as me.

I went up to his place and I just thought it was just so awesome, and that’s how it was.9.

Chris WeidmanI was always a fan of Chris Weidenfeldt, and we watched him fight on a couple of occasions, and one of them was on the UFC Fight Pass.

I remember sitting on his couch watching him fight, because the UFC was such a huge thing in Brazil at the beginning of the year.10.

Chael SonnenI saw Chael when he was in college.

He did so well, and at the age of 19, I was like, “You should watch this guy”.

The way he fought was amazing.

He always showed such an incredible work ethic.11.

Chris AlgieriChael’s style was one that had people laughing for years, and then he showed it on the mat.

It has always stayed with me.12.

Renan BaraoRenan Barão’s style is so much more technical than his opponents, and his style is also extremely fast, so he has really good wrestling.

He has also always been a fantastic coach, and has really made me a better fighter.13.

Jon JonesI never watched Jon Jones fight.

But when I saw him at UFC 173, I went nuts.

I watched him and I saw his boxing, and just watching his boxing and his work ethic was something I’ve never seen in a fighter.14.

Jon StewartI never saw Jon Stewart fight.

He lost to Mark Hunt at UFC 178, and Jon Stewart was the last guy standing in the final, so I was so excited.

I loved watching him, and how he fought and how his fighting style has changed so much since he first got in the Octagon.15.

Urijah FaberI always felt like Urijah was the biggest underdog in UFC history, because at the end of the day, it was him and he beat Mark Hunt.

Uri was so great, and you can’t say enough about him.16.

Conor McMullanThe first fight that really gave me hope was against Chad Mendes.

I didn, and Chad Mendez was so awesome.

I had so many dreams of fighting him, so when I did, I cried.17.

Michael JohnsonI was never a fan, but Michael Johnson was my favourite of all time, because of the way he always pushed the envelope.

He never stopped. He didn