When You’re Done With Apple TV, You’re Going to Start Playing Box Wine on Apple TV

Apple is planning to roll out a new box-compatible wine streaming service on the Apple TV on April 15.

The service will be called Box Wine and will stream boxes in different sizes, flavors and styles.

Apple will make a new wine app available that will allow you to add wine to your boxes, according to a post on the company’s official website.

Apple said in September that it will release an app that will stream Box Wine.

The Apple TV and Apple TV Mini are available for $79.99 each.

The Box Wine app will allow users to create a box, add wine and add it to a list of boxes.

Users can add wines to their boxes using the Siri search feature.

Apple said it is “currently evaluating” the app for inclusion in the Apple television.

The company will launch a subscription service for the AppleTV in the coming months.

Apple will begin shipping Apple TV boxes to stores in April.

The company said it expects to ship an estimated 1 million Apple TV Boxes in April, which includes an estimated 30,000 Apple TVs.

Apple has said it will introduce a new streaming music service for Apple TV in March.

Apple TV Music is available for subscription and streaming at $19.99 per month.

Apple announced earlier this month that it has signed a five-year, $3 billion deal to acquire Beats Electronics.

Beats Electronics was spun out from Apple in November 2016.