NFL’s ‘War Room’ and ‘Draft Day’ for 2017: Where will the biggest trades occur?

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NFL’s “War Room” is full of intrigue and potential moves.

One scenario that could get the most attention, however, is a trade that could send a draft pick to the Patriots.

The Patriots would get a top-round pick and the Ravens would take the second-round selection from the Jets.

The Eagles would then select a third-rounder.

If the deal falls through, the Ravens’ pick could be in the top three rounds.

If the Ravens can secure the Patriots’ first-round draft pick, they would move on from a wide receiver.

The Jets could use their second-rounder to trade for another receiver, and the Colts could use that pick to move on to a quarterback.

The Broncos would be able to move up from their second to third-rounder in the process.

If there’s a trade in play, it could involve a player such as the Ravens or the Chiefs.

If a trade goes awry and both teams are unable to reach an agreement, there’s also a possibility the Bills could trade up from No. 5 to No. 2 in the draft.

That would send the Broncos’ second-overall pick and a 2019 first-rounder back to the Ravens.

The Bills would then draft a quarterback, but they could then trade up to take a quarterback from a rival team.

The Ravens would have a chance to make a move by moving down from No-1 in the first round to No-2, but that would mean a quarterback such as Blake Bortles or Connor Cook.

If Bortls or Cook gets traded, it would leave the Ravens with a quarterback at No. 3 in the second round.

If they move down and take a backup, they could potentially take the Bills’ first or second-year player.

The Colts’ pick has been the focus of speculation all offseason.

It would seem likely that if the Ravens are able to land the pick, the Colts would be open to trading up to grab a quarterback in the next round.

The Ravens have the fifth overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, which would give them the right to trade down.

If they trade down and the Dolphins take their No. 1 pick, it will likely be the second pick in 2019, which makes the Colts a favorite to get the pick.

The Dolphins’ pick is the eighth overall, and if the Colts pick was No. 7, the Dolphins could move up and grab the pick at No-8.

The Patriots’ pick in 2017 was No-17 overall.

The Colts are No. 6.

The Chiefs and Ravens have interest in the pick and would be willing to move to move it to a contender for the pick as part of a trade.

The Dolphins have interest but are willing to take down their pick to acquire a quarterback if the Chiefs, Bills or Jets are unable and willing to trade it.

If both teams can’t agree on a trade, they’d be willing take the Ravens pick to add a quarterback and move up to No.

“If a team wants to move the pick up, the Bills would likely be interested.

They have the ninth overall pick and have a strong relationship with the Patriots and would like to add another quarterback.

They would be the team to get in on the trade, as it would make the Patriots even more of a threat in the AFC South.

If a trade does happen, the Patriots would move up.