Trump defends immigration crackdown on immigration workers

Trump defended his executive order blocking the enforcement of a temporary travel ban and vowed to fight back against criticism.

Trump on Friday defended his sweeping executive order, saying it was necessary to protect the United States from terrorist attacks and that the travel ban is needed to “keep people safe.”

The president called the order a “common sense” move.

“The president’s not just trying to impose an extreme vetting, but it’s very common sense,” Trump said.

“This is what’s happening to our country.”

Trump also vowed to protect his “good friends and allies in the Middle East,” saying “we are not going to put our country in danger by putting pressure on our allies.”

The order, which Trump announced last month, temporarily blocks entry to the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Canada, the Netherlands, Spain and the United Arab Emirates.

It also temporarily bars all refugees from entering the United Sates for 120 days and blocks refugees from Syria indefinitely.

It is not yet clear how long the temporary ban will remain in place.

The order has caused widespread protests, with some businesses and people who have been in the country for several months voicing their opposition.

The White House says more than 8 million people have signed an online petition to end the ban, with nearly 60,000 people signed so far.