New York Yankees get first look at their new Braid style, boxed jersey

The New York Yanks are getting the first look inside their new jersey style with a boxed version of their old jerseys.

They also have a new boxed helmet and jersey with a new logo and jersey number.

New York Yankees players, coaches and managers will wear the new jersey on Monday night against the Colorado Rockies in the World Series.

New Yankees coach Joe Girardi will wear a new helmet and a new number on Monday Night Football against the New York Mets.

New York Giants players are expected to wear new helmets and jerseys on Tuesday.

New Yanks GM Brian Cashman said the new look is meant to make the team more visible in the playoffs.

The new helmet, for example, has a small circle around the visor, and a small triangle around the head.

It also features a new, square logo on the helmet’s left shoulder, which is white, with yellow highlights on the top of the visors.

The logo is smaller than the one on the previous helmet.

The team will wear its new helmets during pregame warmups on Monday, with players wearing white jerseys, white socks and white jerseys with yellow stripes and a yellow cap to match the jersey numbers.

The new logo is also smaller than what was used last year.