‘The Ultimate Boxer’ – US Airways Free Boxes

A US Airways free box package is now available for purchase on the airline’s website, with some of the items included.

The free box packages include everything from a full size box to a half size box, along with all of the usual luggage items, like shoes, purses, and sunglasses.

“We’re excited to offer the world’s most convenient box travel option, and to make travel a better experience for all of our customers,” US Airways said in a statement.

The airline is the first major US carrier to offer a box travel package, with airlines including US Airways and US Postal Service offering similar packages for customers.

US Airways customers will also be able to take advantage of the airline to book hotel stays in its hubs, the airline said.

The US Airways box travel packages are available at select airports in the US and Canada.

The airline said the box travel offers “the best value for money and convenience” and will make travel “more affordable, and easier to manage”.US Airways says it is adding the new packages to its box travel service “to make travel more convenient and easier for our customers, while making travel a lot less expensive”.

The airline also announced the launch of a new app to help people book travel.