How to keep a box turtle safe in your makeup box

Makeup box turtles are a species that is hard to keep safe.

And that’s why they need special makeup boxes to help keep them safe from getting caught in your brushes and cosmetics.

To help keep these little guys safe, we asked our makeup artists how they keep box turtles from getting tangled in their makeup.

Here are their tips on how to keep box turtle makeup safe.1.

Keep them out of the sunlight and away from open containers.

Makeup boxes are made from plastic, which makes them very hard to clean and keep clean.

This makes them a good choice for outdoor environments.

The easiest way to keep your box turtles out of open containers is to use a lid or plastic container, which you can store your box turtle in.

It’s easier than ever to clean your makeup boxes, so make sure to get these tips from our experts.2.

Don’t make it easy for them to get caught.

Box turtles are very intelligent, so if you leave them out in the sun, they may get a little confused.

If you’re using a large box to store your makeup, you may want to wrap your lid or container around the top to keep the box turtles free of your brushes.3.

Use a sealer.

When you wrap a lid around a box, you are sealing it with a sealant.

A sealant will help keep the lid in place, preventing box turtles getting tangled.

A few brands include lids and containers with a soft foam that help prevent box turtles accidentally getting tangled inside the lid.4.

Don’s tip about keeping your box tacks and brushes away from your eyes and other areas.

Keep box turtles away from the corners of your eyes to help them get a better view of the inside of the box.5.

Wrap your makeup with an elastic band to help the box turtle stay in place.

Wrap an elastic cord around your box to help prevent it from moving around and falling out.6.

Use makeup brushes that have a clear finish.

You can also put a clear plastic container inside the container to make it more waterproof.

Make sure that the container is at least 2 inches (5 cm) wide and 8 inches (20 cm) long.7.

Keep your makeup safe from direct sunlight.

Makeups that are made with products that contain pigments are also a good way to protect your box.

For instance, you can apply a sunscreen lotion or concealer on top of your makeup to help protect it from direct sun.8.

Use mascara, eyeliner, or other cosmetics that are a good balance of pigments.

You might also want to use eye makeup brushes with a brush tip that’s 1/4-inch (1.5 mm) wide or larger.

Makeup boxes have become a common sight at beauty stores, but they’re often a little hard to spot when you’re on the go.

It can be hard to find a makeup box that’s clean and tidy, so you may be tempted to throw your makeup at it instead of using a brush or a makeup bag to keep it clean.

Make your makeup in a box that doesn’t make a mess and you’ll get a great result.