Why it’s so important for boxing fans to watch boxing on Showtime and Netflix

It’s been a banner year for boxing, as the sport finally caught up to the rest of the world with live pay-per-view coverage on Showtime, as well as streaming services like HBO.

Boxing fans will finally have their first taste of the blockbuster movies that made them famous on those networks.

The first of these is “The Fighter,” directed by Oscar winner Josh Singer, which hits theaters on December 15.

The movie follows boxer Andre Ward as he takes on two dangerous rivals, Manny Pacquiao and Miguel Cotto.

The fight is supposed to be a big one.

It’s an epic fight, and it’s going to make for a great fight.

That’s the hope.

But it’s a fight that isn’t going to happen.

We know what happens when people lose.

And that’s a fact of life in boxing.

And there’s a big part of it that’s been lost.

We don’t need more fighters losing fights, so we’re trying to figure out what to do about that.

And then we have to look at what the movie’s going too, because that’s where we need to be in terms of our ability to attract people to the sport.

And I think it’s the right thing to do.

The film’s a box office hit.

It won the Oscar for best documentary.

And it’s been hailed as a landmark film.

It also became the first box office blockbuster to be produced by HBO, which was a big step forward for HBO and Showtime.

And now, with “The Fight,” the streaming service HBO has also announced that the first episode of its upcoming documentary series, “Boxing for Kids,” will premiere on January 1.

That will be followed by a new season of “The Greatest Boxing Show on Earth,” a series that will feature an hour-long documentary about the history of the sport from the early days of boxing through to the present day.

In addition to the documentary series and the Showtime documentary, HBO is also going to release two additional documentaries, “The Boxers’ Legacy” and “Boxers in a Changing World,” in 2017.

“The fighters who came before us,” said HBO chief content officer Michael Lombardo, “they’ve all had stories to tell, and we want to be able to tell those stories.”

“The Show,” a documentary about boxing’s rise in the early 1900s, will premiere in 2017 and will be directed by David Sirota.

“Boxer’s in a Changed World” will be a four-part documentary that follows a group of boxing legends and their lives.

It will follow fighters like Muhammad Ali, Ali’s boxing mentor, and George Foreman, who became the sport’s most iconic boxer.

The documentary will follow the rise of boxing from the humble beginnings in Brooklyn in the 1920s to its recent success in the United States and internationally.

Lombardo said HBO has already decided to explore other aspects of boxing history, like the boxing’s roots in India, its legacy as a religious institution, and its importance to African-American history.

“We wanted to do something about what boxing is, and that’s something that is very important,” Lombardo told Fox Business.

“It’s the story of how it came to be that we have an important legacy in the history, and to see a film about that, that’s very important.”

HBO is the most popular cable channel in the world, but it isn’t without controversy.

Last year, HBO was sued by the family of Oscar-winning actor Anthony Hopkins over a report that he had been given a dose of steroids by a doctor.

Hopkins later denied the allegations and denied any wrongdoing.

HBO also faced a legal fight with Showtime when a judge ruled that Showtime had to pay more than $2 billion to Hopkins after the actor accused Showtime of misleading him.