Apple’s ‘Jellyfish’ tech is going to be so popular that it will outsell everything else

Apple’s “JellyFish” tech, a suite of apps designed to help people avoid jellyfish attacks, is going “beyond” jellyfish to become one of the most popular products on the market, according to the firm’s chief executive.

“We think we have a product that is going into the mainstream, and we think the products are going to become so ubiquitous that they are going in and out of our pockets,” Craig Federighi told TechCrunch at the company’s annual developer conference.

Federighin said the company has been working to create a suite that could be used by the entire consumer market, with a “premium” tier that “includes a few things like social media notifications, a chat bot, and even a personal assistant.”

Federighis comments come a day after the launch of the “J” in Jellyfish, which stands for “Junk.”

The app is a way for people to track jellyfish sightings in real time.

Federfein said that the company is working on a new product for a more “premier” level.

“I think we will have a better product with the J.A.P.H. [the Jellyfish Assessment Program],” Federighingi said.

“The premium tier will have some of the features we are already using on the JAP.”

Federfeins statement came in response to questions from TechCrunch.

In a statement sent to TechCrunch, Apple said the “premade” JAP features would be available on the company website “soon.”

“We are very excited about our products that help users avoid jellyfishes, and are working hard to expand our products to include more of those,” a spokesperson for Apple told TechCrunch.

Federigis statement was a response to a question about whether the company was still considering the introduction of the app into the “jellyfish-free” world.

“Absolutely not,” Federighins response said.