Amazon Box organizer – Candy Box organizer for the Kindle book reader

This week, we take a look at Amazon’s new box organizer.

The Amazon box organizer will be coming to the Kindle Book reader for the first time, it is described as “a smart device organizer that allows you to organize your books, files and folders in a way that makes reading more convenient and fun”.

It has a number of useful features, including a built-in smart device lock, a new “Smart Read” function, and a new book-swap feature, which will allow you to swap files between your devices and the Kindle.

There are also three “Candy Box” versions of the Amazon box, one with a touch screen, one without, and one with the “Cherry-pick” button.

Both of these are listed as “premium” and come with a one-year subscription to Amazon Prime, which is free for a year.

This is the only “premier” version, which also comes with a free year subscription.

You can buy it at Amazon, Amazon UK and, with a $99 introductory price.