How to sell your house, but not your business

Home Depot (HDP) is trying to help its customers sell their homes with a program that allows them to buy boxes that can be used for “greenhouses, composting, greenhouses storage and outdoor gardening.”

The company announced the program Thursday, calling it “the most transparent, cost-effective, and easy-to-use greenhouse-building program in the country.”

The box sale is aimed at helping the company keep its home-improvement business afloat, but the company also hopes it will help homeowners, renters, and business owners who want to grow their own produce.

Home Depot is selling boxes at a discount to $149 per box, but it will be up to 10% off of what customers are currently paying.

“The Greenhouse Program offers consumers the flexibility to choose to buy directly from a greenhouse or grow their produce in their own home,” Home Depot CEO Tom Gores said in a statement.

“In our world of growing our own food, the Greenhouse program helps our customers create a sustainable, profitable home garden and provides them with the opportunity to purchase a new, green product.”

The greenhouses are designed to be easy to set up and are “perfect for anyone looking to grow food for home or backyard gardens.”

Home Depot says the program has helped more than 5 million customers purchase products that were previously only available through the company’s retail stores.

“We appreciate the opportunity customers have been providing us to make this program even better for our customers and we’re working hard to make it even better,” Gores added.

“As a growing green industry, our customers need more options than just Greenhouses to grow the produce they love.

We want to be the only option that allows customers to purchase these new products directly from our stores, and we hope this program will help them grow their supply.”

The program is open to people in all 50 states, and customers can sign up on the Home Depot website to make their purchases.

Home depot has been aggressively marketing its greenhouses for the past several years, but this is the first time it has offered them for sale.

“Home Depot is committed to growing its home gardening business with products that provide affordable options for our growing and active consumer base,” the company said in an emailed statement.

The company also announced that it is looking for new ways to expand its “greenhouse program” to include its online stores.

Home and Garden is currently available in just seven states, including Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Florida, according to a list of states by the GreenHouseGreen website.

“With the Green House program, we’re going to give consumers a better, more convenient way to buy products,” Gore said in the statement.